White Topaz Harriet Stone Earrings

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A set of group 3 white topaz Harriet Stone earrings with a yellow gold bar on each earring. One earring is hand stamped with "XOXO" and the other has three white diamonds. 

Each Harriet Stone has unique facets and color variations. The stone you receive may vary in shape, color, and/or size.

A Handmade Piece
This Heather B. Moore piece is handmade at our studio in Cleveland, OH. We make every piece to order and strive for the highest level of craftsmanship. To learn more about our handmade process, please click here.

Group 3 Size 11-14.5ct
Material 14k Yellow Gold

This Heather B. Moore piece is made with 100% recycled metal that is sustainably and ethically sourced.

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