Product Care

Please note, silver and gold jewelry may begin to tarnish over time. This is not a manufacturing defect of the jewelry. Heather B. Moore strongly recommends that our customers contact us, or an official retail partner, for more specific care advice and instruction.

In order to keep your Heather B. Moore pieces in good condition, we advise following the below care instructions:

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry in the bath/shower, swimming pool, and/or any body of water.
  • Store your pieces in a dry, clean space.
  • Removing all jewelry before bed and while working out.
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

How to clean your Heather B. Moore pieces.
The best way to clean your jewelry at home is to put a drop of mild dish soap on a new soft bristle toothbrush. Scrub the surface of the jewelry gently with the toothbrush and soap for less than 1 minute. Then, rinse off completely with lukewarm water and finish by drying thoroughly with a polish/microfiber cloth. Never use store bought jewelry cleaner or harsh chemicals, such a ammonia, bleach, etc.

If your silver or gold jewelry begins to tarnish, try taking a clean pencil eraser and lightly rub it against your jewelry in a circular motion. This may cause the standard brush finish of our jewelry to wear off.

Sending your jewelry in to be cleaned.
Heather B. Moore can professionally clean and restore the beauty of your heirloom quality jewelry. If your jewelry is beginning to tarnish, develop imperfections, and/or the black color inside the stamping begins to wear off, we recommend sending it in to be professionally cleaned.

Each piece will be individually charge $10 for a professional cleaning through Heather B. Moore. (Shipping is not included) To have your jewelry professionally cleaned, please contact us at, (855) 400-5430.