Love Joyce

Love Joyce

The year 2020 is one to be remembered by all. My family, in particular, suffered a great loss this year. My grandmother, Joyce, passed away March 25 in the midst of a global pandemic. Grandma Joyce has been my biggest inspiration growing up. She became a registered nurse in 1953. She continued her career in the medical field as a physicians assistant, and as a parish nurse until 2010. In the year 2010, I became a nurse. I was always fascinated with visiting my grandmother at work and hearing her stories of helping others. I knew since I was a young girl that I would become a nurse. This year has been a bit surreal. I know my grandmother would be proud of me. Health care providers have stepped up to the challenge during this time. I wanted to create a piece to remember her by. I chose to use her signature to create a one of a kind piece. The picture I have attached is from her nursing school graduation in 1953. In the corner is her signature. The necklace is a reminder that I made the right decision to become a nurse and I will always keep her with me.

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I am also so proud if my fellow healthcare family!! There has been so much sadness and loss this past year, thank you for your beautiful creations to bright the day!!

Kathy Stinocher

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