Remembering Loved Ones

Remembering Loved Ones

My first charm was one to remember my grandma after she passed. I found her signature on an old birthday card and we made it into a custom stamp. The back says "don't forget the chips" because that was the last thing she said to me with an anchor because she always swore like a sailor. Then I added a "D" charm with a paw on the back for my dog nephew and an "H" constellation for me! I loved the addition of the purple amethysts because they add a pretty pop of color but the Harriet almost magnifies the stamping on my charms! Then, my latest addition, is for my cat Lily who passed away. I made a custom accent of her paw print with the years of her life and her name on the front. And then on the back, I have a graffiti of all of her nicknames! Each charm on my necklace has a story and I can't wait to add the next memory!

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