The Never Ending Story

The Never Ending Story

I love my Heather B. Moore jewelry mess! I have been collecting for 10 years now! Bracelets, rings, charms, and stones – I couldn’t pick a favorite. My bangle bracelet is stamped with some of my father’s best one-liners. My sister and I have matching rings adorned with a quote from a letter from our grandmother, “take care of your sister, she’s your best friend”. She and I also share a birthday (3 years apart) on 12.20. She, my mother and I all have matching charms with our birthdate. I love my yellow and rose gold round charm with the initials of my immediate family and my oval with the coordinates of where they live in Ohio. This keeps them close since I moved to Colorado with my husband, Greg – who is represented by the “G” charm. I had the thick open circle made before we were married and in a long-distance relationship, reminding me to “never lose focus” and keep my eye on the prize! We moved to Colorado and were married last year. And as we create new memories… my collection will continue to grow.

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