Starting a Collection in Aspen

A Visit to Aspen

My now husband of 4.5 years and I called off our engagement. It was such a hard time as I didn’t know if we could make it. We spent the next five months going to therapy and trying to figure things out. Even after we got married it was still hard as I was nervous to trust again and give my heart so fully. I was afraid of getting hurt...even though we had gotten married!

On our first trip to Aspen, CO we found our way into a darling jewelry shop and gallery, Elliott Yeary Gallery. Bryan knew I had always wanted a gold charm bracelet....we ended up getting the gold bracelet with precious diamonds and through the years he adds “love” charms to remind me that he’s devoted to me and us. We ended up buying into Dancing Bear in Aspen and even though there is a shop that carries Heather B. Moore here in Houston, I always buy my charms in Aspen at Elliott Yeary Gallery. I feel like it’s a love bracelet that shows my charmed life That we have both worked so hard for. Love it so much.

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