The Apples of My Eye

The Apples of My Eye

The Apples of My Eye

Michou and Lumi, my two Pomeranians, are the apples of my eyes. I had prepared for years to welcome a dog in my family, but frankly never expected such pure and unconditional love from my Michou, and later Lumi. Adding them to my family has forever changed my outlook on life.

As I work long hours as a healthcare professional and huge jewelry lover, I like to wear reminders of my two loves as they are in my heart everywhere and at all times. Through my jewelry collecting research, I found Heather B. Moore and their wide range of wonderful charms and pendants and custom-ordered a Dog Mom pendant with gold accents to reflect all of the above.

I like to wear it in many ways, either on its own or combined with other charms to create a capsule life story.

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